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Our Purpose


Help Leaders Thrive.

our Values






Our Vision


With more ferocious


brilliant leadership

is essential. 

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What we do


Create stronger Leaders.      Accelerate speed-to-market

Increase innovation.      Improve employee engagement.


What we do




Coach.   Enable.   Inspire.   Encourage. 

What we Do

Make companies


and more

   a  g  i  l  e. 


What we do


    Help discover

the Leader within. 


What we Beliieve



each individual's unique talents

helps us lead best. 

What we believe


is smarter than 



What we believe


company culture explicit

makes sense. 

Who we are

Fuel for Leaders founder Dave Smith is an experienced Executive Coach and organizational strategist.  He advises Founders and C-level leaders in the technology and financial services markets.  His counsel helps high growth teams lead most effectively while building the progressive organizations needed to spark innovation and scale their business.

Over his career, Dave served as a senior executive for large corporations and tech start-ups. He has been part of fast growing businesses and companies on the brink.  VCs and private equity firms have brought Dave in to build, buy, save or sell firms.  Dave held COO, President, CRO and other leadership roles for companies in 3D Printing, ad technology, software development, financial services, travel and sports marketing. He received his MBA from Harvard University and spent several years as Business Chaplain to executives, entrepreneurs and Wall Street professionals.   

Dave's leadership insights and organizational expertise come from multiple angles and contexts, both outside-in and inside-out.  His work seeks to bridge corporate objectives with the passion that connects employees and customers.


Who We Are

Jeannie Smith is a passionate and experienced community leader.

Jeannie was elected to the Westport, CT Board of Education where she currently serves as the Vice-Chair.  With her Masters in Education from Fordham University and over a decade of teaching experience, Jeannie has been a strong advocate for progressive curriculum approaches in the elementary schools, STEM programs at the higher grades and advanced teaching methods at all levels. 

Jeannie was recently appointed as Assistant Teaching Director at the Community Bible Study where she will give talks monthly to the over 200 members. She is well versed in Scripture and Biblical foundations having served on staff at the CRU Ministry for five years while living in New York City.  

What others say

Dave helped me rethink my role and how to be a most effective CEO.
— Eric, Founder
Dave’s input was thoughtful and impacted the quality of my leadership.
— Tim, CEO
I emerge from our sessions with a better sense of my self.
— Beah, CTO
I feel safe to be myself with David, to let go of any pretense and to share honestly what’s going on with me.
— Alex, CEO

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